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EVERGENT Investments reports a record total assets value of 2.95 billion RON and a net result increase of 73% as of December 31 2023

01 March 2024

EVERGENT Investments, an investment company listed under the ticker EVER, reports a net result of 203.8 million RON for the year 2023, representing an increase of 73% compared to the previous year and exceeding the budgeted level by 158%.

The net result is the main performance indicator of the company and is comprised of net profit and net gain achieved from the sale of financial assets classified at fair value through other elements of the comprehensive income (FVTOCI) reflected in the reported result. 

EVERGENT Investments has continued to strengthen the investors’ trust through a remarkable and continuous performance. Thus, it has achieved a record total assets value of 2.95 billion RON as of December 31, 2023, achieving an increase of 140% over the past 10 years. EVERGENT’s total asset return (including the dividends paid to shareholders) was 31.85% in 2023, which is comparable to the annual return of the most high-performing funds in Romania, members of the Fund Managers Association.

“The company’s financial performance is sustained by a strategic approach to investments, carefully built and annually updated by EVERGENT Investments’ Board, applied thorough a rigorous and complex system of corporate governance. The company has been practicing an active management of its resources, both sectorally and within specialized portfolios, while dilligently following the financial planning, the risk and invetsment procedures that are specific to a regulated and supervised fund.”, stated Claudiu Doroș, CEO and President of EVERGENT Investments. 

EVERGENT Investments allotted a sum of over 80 million RON for the dividend fund in 2023, from the result of the year 2022. The dividend yield per share price was 7.26%, calculated at the ex date.