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Drive for performance

Evergent is the financial investment company with strong experience on the Romanian market, generating long-term value and consistent returns for investors.  By applying a robust and responsible strategy it capitalizes on investment opportunities.  

Strategy, Performance, Strong portfolios

Evergent’s strategy focuses on enhancing the performance of the listed portfolio and private-equity investments, while cautiously managing the risks.

Private equity – we turn opportunities into profit

Private equity investments create a portfolio with an exceptional risk/return ratio and significant long-term profit. 

Expand your investment with a strategic partner

Evergent is a strategic partner for foreign investors on the emerging Romanian market due to its extensive experience and performance proven in time, essential aspects that place it at the top of Romania’s best equity funds.   

Opportunities Turned into Profit

We are a dynamic and innovative investment fund with a solid organizational culture. With 30 years’ experience on the capital market we capitalize ideas and resources to develop the company and fulfill investors’ expectations. By investing systematically and consistently, we have obtained an average value increase for shareholders of 13,2% - dividends collected plus assets increase, while granting dividends of over 150 million euro.


Our team’s extensive experience and qualifications cover a vast area of activity fields, totaling over 90 years of entrepreneurship and 120 years of top management.  First-class analysis combined with the talent to select opportunities and agility in execution represent a mix that has led to a pure alpha 1,77% higher than the average rate comprised of the yield of all Romanian equity funds over the last 10 years.      


The investment strategy approved by the shareholders and time-tested policies applied to portfolios are reflected in the performance on the level of all our assets. The listed portfolio structured on two strategic pillars, financial-banking and energy – utilities, along with the decisive approach to increase the private-equity portfolio offering our investors consistent yields.


Risk management is an important part of the investment process, with a holistic, procedure-based approach that balances business decisions. Our overall risk profile is medium, corresponding to a medium risk tolerance 

Evolution of share price

Date 2022-09-27
Opening price
1.2   (lei)
Closing price
1.22   (lei)

Evergent share

Evergent news

EVERGENT Investments organizes on May 17 at 15:00, Romanian time (CET + 1) the conference call

EVERGENT Investments organizes on May 17 at 15:00, Romanian time (CET + 1) the conference call

EVERGENT Investments reports a net result of 65.2 million lei  in the first half of 2022


●       The net result in the first half of 65.2 million lei exceeds the forecasted result for the whole year 2022.

●       The total assets under management (AUM) registered an increase of 1.7% compared to H1 2021, up to 2,450 million lei.

●       117 million lei invested in the first half.

●       62.2 million lei dividends assigned on the payment date June 10, 2022.

●       The total area of the "Blueberry Farms" project exceeded 100 ha.

●       "Atria Urban Resort" project obtains the building permit for Phase III, which consists of 338 "eco-friendly" apartments.

●       Over 50% of the EVERGENT Investments portfolio is aligned with ESG principles.


Analysis of Listings on AeRo in 2021

One third of companies reached their expected profitability and 52% of them reached a degree of net profit achievement of over 80%. I have also noticed that in 2021 one company achieved a net profit double than the forecast, while 4 other companies (19%) registered a loss, although all predicted net positive results for 2021 in the documents presented for listing.  

Social responsibility

We believe that a company’s success is also defined by the value it brings to society.  
Value generating investments are those made with enthusiasm, successful investments increase standard of living not only at the present time, but over a longer period of time, with a positive impact on the economic and social environment. This is why it is our mission to generate long-term value for investors, for the company and for our community as well.