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EVERGENT Investments offers a 7.1% yield dividend The Board of Directors convenes the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings for April 27/28, 2023

27 March 2023


●       The Board of Directors offers a gross dividend of RON 0.09 per share, with a 7.1 yield%.

●       82.7 million lei is the maximum estimated fund allocated to dividends in 2022.

●       The dividend distribution rate is 70% of the net result.

●       The net result, of RON 117.9 million, exceeds by 83% the estimated result for the entire year 2022.

●       The total value of assets under management (AUM) is RON 2,365 million.

●       Optimum mix between predictable dividend policy and buyback programs.

●       RON 212.8 million invested in 2022.

●       Investments in real estate, agribusiness and IT.

●       The "Blueberry Farms" project has a planted and under planting area of over 105 ha and a new objective – to enter the organic segment.

●       RON 305.2 million is the estimated budget for investments in 2023.

●       Over 55% of EVERGENT Investments portfolio structure is aligned with ESG principles.


Bacău, March 24, 2023. The Board of Directors of EVERGENT Investments - an investment company listed under the ticker EVER, convenes the Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders' Meetings for April 27/28, 2023.

The most important items on the agenda subject to the shareholders' vote are:

·        distribution of the maximum dividend fund of RON 82,712,573, from the net result of the financial year ended on December 31, 2022 and the gross dividend of RON 0.09 per share, with a 7.1% yield calculated at the closing price of RON 1.27 per share on March 23, 2023.

·        approval of the separate and consolidated financial statements for the financial year ended on December 31, 2022, accompanied by the independent auditor's report and the related annual reports of the Board of Directors.

·        approval of the Activity Program in accordance with the Investment Strategy and Policy of EVERGENT Investments and the Revenue and Expenditure Budget for the year 2023.

·        approval during the Extraordinary General Meeting of the “Programs 8 and 9” for the own shares buyback.


“In 2022 we delivered value to shareholders and investors, in a geopolitical and economic context subject to major changes. With a total return of 17.14% (including the dividend) of the EVER share, we ranked third in the top companies in BET benchmark index.  Although  it depreciated by 11% and BET-FI decreased by 3.65%, EVERGENT Investments had the best share dynamics, with an increase of 11.84%, reaching the first position in the top 5 financial investment companies that comprise the BET-FI index. We achieved our basic objectives: the evolution of the company and the remuneration of the shareholders through allocated dividends in the amount of RON 62.2 million and buyback programs in the amount of RON 38.5 million. Currently, our solid financial position gives us the freedom to react promptly, for benefiting from the opportunities of this increased volatility period, in order to maximize the value we aim to create. We continue to confidently look to the future, relying on the team’s experience and the investment strategy solidity.” said Claudiu Doroș, President and CEO of EVERGENT Investments.


EVERGENT Investments applies the predictable dividend policy of the last 15 years.

In 2023, the company offers to allocate maximum RON 82.7 million for the distribution of dividends to its shareholders in accordance with the predictable dividend policy of the last 15 years. Through the optimal mix between the predictable dividend policy and buyback programs, the company returns value to its shareholders. This aspect is highlighted by the dividend distribution rates of recent years, which prove the stability of the company's cash flows, as well as a strong financial position on the market.


EVERGENT Investments continues to invest in the Private Equity Portfolio and recalibrates the Financial - Banking and Energy - Industrial Portfolios


Private equity projects differentiate the company from other capital market players and bring an attractive return/risk ratio with significant long-term profit. The FIA legal framework allows the allocation of up to 40% in unlisted assets, and EVERGENT Investments has set a first "limit" of 20-25% of assets for allocation in these projects.

·     Agrointens SA, a company from the EVERGENT Group, increased its area for blueberry cultivation by acquiring a 23 ha plot in Rătești, Argeș county and will reach a total area of 105 ha after planting. Through EVER AGRIBIO, the Group aims to enter the organic segment.

·     The "ATRIA URBAN RESORT" residential complex, developed by EVERGENT Investments together with Cityring Development, aligns with the nZEB energy efficiency standard, i.e. a near-zero energy consumption, which respects the „eco-friendly” principles, starting with the Phase III of the project. The project aims to build 1378 apartments in 4 phases. Currently, the construction of Phase 3 with 350 apartments is underway, of which 17% have already been contracted.

·     Through EVER IMO, a company from the EVERGENT Investments Group, the real estate investments are concentrated in a strategic land bank. The northern area of Bucharest has a rapid and extensive development, both in the residential and office segments. EVER IMO aims to develop real estate projects also in this residential pole of great future.

·     EVERGENT Investments invested in the IT sector by acquiring a stake in the Romanian software manufacturer MWARE Solutions. The software company differentiates itself from the local and even international players in the deep-tech IT sector through its technology platform, which introduces the ability to analyze unstructured data within organizations using a semantic model of data understanding based on neural networks, with native capabilities of deep-learning and machine learning to discover new perspectives in decision-making, customer understanding, new indicators and possibilities for automating organizational processes based on artificial intelligence.


In 2023, EVERGENT Investments suggests to shareholders the allocation of RON 305.2 million for the investment program.