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EVERGENT Investments surpasses half a billion euros – the value of assets under management in H1 2023

12 August 2023

·        82.7 million lei was the value of allocated dividends in 2023

·        The total value of assets under management was 2,511 million lei

·        The net asset value was 2,243 million lei

·        The net asset asset value per share (NAVPS) was 2.4424 lei

·        47.7 million lei – net result

·        186.44 million lei have been invested in the first half 

·        Over 50% of the asset portfolio is owned in issuers that integrate ESG factors

·        mWare Solutions, a company from EVERGENT Investments’ private equity portfolio, has developed a complete digitalization stack


Bacău, August 11, 2023. EVERGENT Investments, an investment company listed under the ticker symbol EVER, reports surpassing the half-billion-euro threshold of assets under management as of  June 30, 2023, namely a 2.5% increase as compared to June 30, 2022, thus strengthening its financial position after generating a net result of 47.7 million lei, comprised of 26.2 million lei net profit and 21.5 million lei net gain.

EVERGENT Investments continues to return value to its shareholders, both short and long term, an aspect that is supported by the dividend payout ratio of recent  years and the buy-back programs. On June 28, 2023, the company started the dividend payments  for the year 2022,  in a total value of over 82.7 million lei.

„The once again surpassing  of the half a billion euros threshold of the total value of assets under management and the strengthening of our financial position reflect the solidity of the company amidst heightened volatility, the global and European macro-financial climate, and the regional geo-political tensions. We have acted quickly and have focused the capital towards areas with  development potential, the investments reaching 186.44 million lei. The peace of  changes has an increased dynamic and it is not surprising that there are significant  disruptions in some areas, however they provide us with new opportunities. We have high standards for new investments, yet  we are extending our options to optimize the portfolio performance and  create long term value for all stakeholders” – stated Mr.  Claudiu Doroș, President & CEO of EVERGENT Investments.

Out of the total value of assets under management, 75% represents the listed shares portfolio and 10.8% is the unlisted shares portfolio. In line with the investments strategy, the company has adjusted the asset portfolio and continued to pay special attention to the companies within the energetic sectors with 22% of the total asset value, and the financial-banking sector with 41.3%.

EVERGENT Investments continues the development of companies from the private equity portfolio

The Private Equity portfolio, the EVERGENT Investments differentiating factor, contributes to the long term increase of the return of the assets unde management. Therefore:

The blueberry farms, owned through Agrointens, currently  have a cultivated area of 105 ha. The company is a market leader in blueberry production. EVER AGRIBIO, through future cultures of organic blueberries, will cover a new market segment with an emphasized rising demand.

ATRIA URBAN RESORT, a project developed through STRĂULEȘTI LAC ALFA SA , has the objective of building 1,378 apartments. The project has reached Phase 3 of its execution and is already alligned with the nZeb standards of energetic efficiency. ATRIA has received countless awards, and within the last awarded ones is the “Residential Redevelopment/Renovation 2022-2023”.

Mware Solutions, a company within the IT sector, has developed a complete stack for digitalization that includes, alongside the existent BigConnect products, an Enterprise edition database and a low-code framework for app development, that currently represents a complete alternative to the technological stack offered by other market players.

About EVERGENT Investments

EVERGENT Investments, with an experience of over 30 years on the Romanian capital market, is a road opener, contributing to the development of the community that it is a part of. Through applying a well-articulated and responsible strategy, EVERGENT Investments efficiently capitalizes on investment opportunities, both on the capital market, as well as through private equity projects in agribusiness, real estate, and technology.

Through the predictible dividend policy and the buyback programs, the company offers to its shareholders both short term profits and long term perspective of increasing the value of owned assets. Over the past 15 years, the company has distributed dividends that exceed the value of 750 million lei.