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The EVERGENT Investments shareholders approve dividends of RON 81.7 million, with a 7.06% yield

30 April 2024

 Press release, April 29, 2024

●      The Board of Directors’ motion was on the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders’ agenda of April 29, under which a gross dividend of 0.09 RON/share was approved.

●      The EVERGENT Investments shareholders have approved the Activity program and the Revenue and Expense Budget for the year 2024, stipulating an investment program amounting to RON 155.8 million.

●      The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders has approved the buy-back of own shares programs for the reduction of the share capital, Programs “10, 11 and 12”, and the running of “stock option plan” programs.

The shareholders of EVERGENT Investments, a company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the ticker EVER, approved with a large majority all items on the agenda of the Extraordinary and Ordinary General Meetings held on April 29, 2024. 

The main resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting were the approval of the consolidated and separate financial statements for the year 2023, in which the company has registered a record value of assets under management of RON 2.95 billion and exceeded the net result by 158% compared to the estimated budget for 2023. Furthermore, the distribution of dividends at a gross value of 0.09 RON/share, with a 7.06% yield, as well as the Activity program and the Revenue and Expense Budget for the year 2024 were approved. The resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting include the reduction of the share capital from RON 96,175,359.20 to RON 90,902,859.20 and the approval of the three share buy-back programs, Programs 10, 11 and 12.

 “We thank all the shareholders for attending today’s General Meetings. Through each vote cast and each decision made, you show us the confidence you have in our company’s future. Together, we have cultivated an environment in which the development of the company and creating value for shareholders are priorities, reflecting our commitment to shared success. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the growth and development of the company and its asset value; our investment budget of RON 155.8 million allocated in 2024 is a result of this objective.”, stated Claudiu Doroș, President of the Board and CEO of EVERGENT Investments. 


The dividend fund is RON 81,694,796.85 of the net profit of 2023. The registration date will be May 22, 2024 (ex-date May 21, 2024) and June 12, 2024, will be the dividend payment date. 

EVERGENT Investments will carry out three own share buy-back programs, Program 11 with a maximum of 18,200,000 shares to be bought back through a public purchase offer and Program 12 with a maximum of 9,100,000 shares to be bought back through market operations, both with the purpose of reducing the share capital. Program 10, under which a maximum of 12,500,000 shares will be bought back through market operations, aims to reward and retain the company’s employees, directors and executives, within some “stock option plan” programs.

The minimum price of the shares to be bought back will be the marketprice, while the maximum price has been set at 2 RON. Each program will be carried out for a maximum of 18 months and has been proposed following the success of the previous programs, which have contributed to supporting the liquidity of EVER shares and increasing the holding weight in the share capital for existing shareholders. 

For the financial year 2024, the EVERGENT Investments shareholders have approved the Activity program and the Revenue and Expense Budget which stipulates total revenues of RON 119.7 million, a net result of RON 95.9 million, and an investment program of RON 155.8 million.



About EVERGENT Investments

EVERGENT Investments, with an experience of over 30 years on the Romanian capital market, is a trailblazer that contributes to the development of the community it belongs to. By implementing a well articulated and responsible strategy, EVERGENT Investments effectively capitalizes on investment opportunities, both on the capital market and through private equity projects in agribusiness, real estate and technology. 

Through its predictable dividend policy and the buy-back programs, the company offers its shareholders both short term profits and long term perspectives of asset value growth. Over the past 15 years, the company has paid over RON 1 billion in dividends and own share buy-backs.